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Xierom with Carletonite crystal

January 2003 a new Xierom™ device was born. It is a Xierom™ device with a Carletonite crystal.  That device exists only in large size.  Inside the xenon chamber there is only one large Carletonite crystal.  Carletonite is a potassium, sodium, calcium, silicate, carbonate of hydrated hydroxide fluorine which formula is
K,Na4Ca4Si8O18(CO3)4(OH,F) · H2O .

(NOTE : same text can be found at section Specialized Xierom of  Manual )

This device can stay in function indefinitely or any length of time set by its user.

Masters have chosen this gem to enable it to an infinity of functions in a Xierom™ device.  The functions of this device are indeed diversified to infinity except for two things (See programming) .  Here is a list of some major functions:

It works at the levels of  the vibratory fields of the Masters in order to permit to the physical body to absorb such energy fields.
It obeys instantly to the programming orders.
It purifies the air that you breathe.
It creates a perfect regeneration at the level of the body, soul and spirit.
It brings physical, emotional and spiritual health.
It increases healing phenomena and clairvoyance.
It increases lucidity at all levels.
It increases fertility, abundance and spirituality.
It increases the vibrational frequencies of the cells so cancerous cells can regenerate.
It cleans all liquid systems of the body.
It perfects and improves hormonal systems of the body.
It brings regeneration of al cells, regeneration of auric membranes. It repairs the holes in the aura.
It eliminates miasmas, negative thought and negative entities that are in and around the aura.
It aligns chakras, meridians and sub meridians.
It stimulates acupuncture points and acupuncture sub points.
It has a very acute vibratory field.
It purifies also waves, eliminates negative energy fields, and alleviates the negative veins of the Earth.  Removes telluric entanglements.
It is more powerful than the group of Xierom™ supplied to the farmers.
It attracts to its owner the small beings of Nature.

And so on, and so on.

First of all you set it in function by asking, before any programming, the spirit of Masters to bless the apparatus and put it to their service.  Then the owner of the apparatus may program it for any purpose except to enrich oneself or to harm somebody else.  Hence this apparatus possesses all unimaginable functions because the power of this mineral is as the purity of Master's hearts.  As it works for the Masters themselves when the appropriate vibrations are set in motion, people are inevitably tied to effects.  All perfect desires of mankind condense into concrete forms.  Once programmed that apparatus acts as a continuous prayer, a divine decree, a perpetual mantra.

It has been suggested by the masters for people who wish to dedicate a Carletonite Xierom™ apparatus to their service to create a sanctuary as follow:

Dig in the ground a two feet (61 cm) deep hole   See illustration below  
Put in the bottom of the hole a slate in the middle of which you will deposit the Carletonite Xierom™
Put in a circle around the Carletonite Xierom™ 8 to 12 different crystals.
Cover the Xierom™ and the crystals with one foot (30.5 cm) sea salts (As for example Guérande sea salts)
For the next foot cover with soil.
Then erect over the spot a small pyramid made with coarse rocks
Surrounding this pyramid plant with May-lilies and white, pink and red peonies or any other flowers more native to the place where this sanctuary will be erected.
Also but this is optional some benches may be installed for meditation.  However do not open this sanctuary to the public but only to friends or people close to you.  At any time no more than 12 persons can meditate in this sanctuary at the same time. See illustration below   

That construction represents a temple for a part of a Master's own heart.  That temple must never for whatever the reason be programmed for human needs.  It will be programmed simply to the service of the Masters on Earth. No personal request shall never be done near this temple.  Only meditations oriented and dedicated to augment peace on Earth, to increase the spiritual power of beings and so on can be done in this sanctuary.

The one who will acquire a Carletonite Xierom™ to consecrate it to the service of Masters will receive from word of mouth highly important complementary instructions.

The builder and the guardian of this temple may acquire a second Carletonite Xierom™ for his on uses.  

A personal Carletonite Xierom™ shall never be used to make a sanctuary.





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