Frequency tuners

The elixirs are, generally speaking, considered as vibrational remedies but we can look at them with a broader view or perspective and see them as frequency tuners that put the body, the soul and the spirit in resonance with the harmonic forces of the Creation.

Making elixirs

The traditional way of making elixirs is to choose a sunny day without wind and clouds.  You have to operate outside from sunrise to noon.  You have to put in a crystal bowl the stone or the plant, use pure rock water and work underneath an open pyramid.  It is the energy of the Sun combined with the energy of the Earth that makes the vibratory transfer from the specimen into the water that becomes the elixir.

According to the traditional way there is not very much such nice days left in a year that helps to make very good elixirs.  The beauty with the Xieromô device is that it is possible at any time of the year and in the comfort of your home to make the very best elixirs in 15 minutes.  That easy access for making elixirs opens the door for many to Nature limitless hidden treasures. Also, the greatest advantage to do elixirs with Xieromô device is that all traces of planetary karmic pollution attached to a mineral or a vegetal is totally erased.

Importance of elixirs

When we know all the importance of water as a vehicle of life, its power to register or memorize energies and thoughts, and its ability to transmit its programming, then the mineral and vegetal elixirs become one of the easiest ways to leech and integrate qualities and virtues.  It is why we have devoted an important section to them in our manual.

To better appreciate the elixirs and their importance we invite you to learn what it is said about their principal agent: WATER by visiting:

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