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Diamond Xierom™    Download
Diamond Xierom
Xierom au diamantLarge size.  This device contains diamonds reduced to fine powder and it is mainly used by therapists.   The properties of this device include the capacity to accelerate the progression of consciousness, facilitate the discovery of the origin of emotions, and, in the company of a good therapist, facilitate the integration of new soul states. It is dedicated also to all sufficiently elevated persons who wish their unconscious to become conscious.

Diamond Xierom™    Download
Small Diamond Xierom Small size.   This device has a gold needle probe connected with a wire to the centre of the magnet.  This device has been specially designed for any person who has knowledge either of acupuncture or reflexology. Its action is ten times more efficient and faster than a conventional treatment.  The therapist sees the points "light up" and the client feels the energy flow along the meridian to its destination.

Turquoise  Small size only.  This device contains turquoise powder.  It creates a vibrational field that enables the regeneration of human cells afflicted with a type of “incurable” disease like cancer, AIDS and cephalitis or chronic headache.  Xenon gas gives Turquoise the ability to penetrate the aura and to restructure the ethereal form of the cells, thus allowing for a physical reprogramming of the cells.

Copper Xierom™   Download

Copper Xierom
Xierom au CuivreAvailable in small, medium, large size.   This device contains copper powder. The primary purpose of this device is for use in agriculture or horticulture.  It permits plants to grow in an accelerated way.  It facilitates a better assimilation of prana and perfect growth.  Each plant possesses, according to the Divine Plan, its own insecticide and therefore there is no need to use insecticides or fertilisers.  It is also possible to have plants grow inside with surprising results no matter what time of the year it is.

Emerald Xierom™    Download

Emerald Xierom
Xierom à l'Émeraude Available in small, medium, large size.   In this device emerald powder mixed with the Xenon atoms create and radiate an attitude or spirit of joy, prosperity, well-being, and consciousness.  The heart chakra opens in such a way that the third eye chakra and the crown chakra unite in the Divine Will.  This device creates also a vibratory field all around us to open the consciousness. These devices could be programmed for abundance and prosperity at the emotional, spiritual and material level.

Royal Ruby Xierom™   Download

Royal Ruby Xierom
Xierom au Rubis RoyalAvailable in small, medium, large size. These devices contain, mixed with the Xenon gas, gold powder and ruby powder.  They clean the blood, remove all the toxins from the body, stimulate all the glands by setting their functions in balance, recreate the thymus gland, and reactivate all the functions of the central brain.

Central Brain    Download

Brain and Central Brain
Cerveau et Cerveau CentralThe Masters taught man different ways to re-establish the link with the Source and thus to discover their divine heritage.  In the Royal Ruby Xierom  Master Hilarion  gives you, both a tool and a technique to regain the full exercise of the central brain.

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