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Xiermat pendant
Pendentif Xiermat
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That energetic pendant is a member of the great family of the Xierom™ devices and like those, it possesses its own characteristics and unique functions.

Xierom™ devices are not totally man made.  The concept and all the specifications for their realisation have been given to mankind through channelling by the cosmic Master  HILARION  .

Xiermat™ and Xierom™ devices are fundamentally planetary tools of Light and their sole purposes are to give to human beings a wider access to the munificence of Life and to help them ultimately on their way to ascension in the Light.


You can right now feel and benefit the energy of the Xiermat™ pendant and Xierom™ devices by hovering slowly one of your hands at 2-3 inches from the screen for each picture that you encounter while browsing this site.  You will immediately feel tingling, heat, breeze or other feelings that are difficult to describe but that are peculiar to the development of one's consciousness. Compare your feelings with other pictures on any other site and you will notice a big difference in vibrations.  The same could be done with a greater accuracy and perception with printed copies of the pictures on this site and comparing them with any pictures that you have at home.  For printing a picture just select it, copy and paste it in the application of your choice or click on any picture to go to the Picture Gallery for downloads.

The explanation of that phenomenon is very simple.  The air that you are presently breathing contains Xenon gas (one part in twenty millions).  All the Xierom™ devices contain also Xenon gas.  One of the numerous properties of the  Xenon gas is to enlighten the consciousness.  By the fact to make a pause in your activity to sense that energy you trickle a resonance that is tremendously amplified by the own energy of the Cosmic  Master Hilarion the creator of the Xierom™ devices.  So let you be guided by that energy in reading what it follows.

Who is  Master Hilarion  ?   

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