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Section F  

Frequency tuners     Top

The elixirs are, generally speaking, considered as vibrational remedies but we can look at them with a broader view or perspective and see them as frequency tuners that put the body, the soul and the spirit in resonance with the harmonic forces of the Creation.  We offer you herein a small list of elixirs that might respond to many needs, each of those elixirs showing the wealth of the Universe that is hidden here and there but at hands.

Making elixirs     Top

The traditional way of making elixirs is to choose a sunny day without wind and clouds.  You have to operate outside from sunrise to noon.  You have to put in a crystal bowl the stone or the plant, use pure rock water and work underneath an open pyramid.  It is the energy of the Sun combined with the energy of the Earth that makes the vibratory transfer from the specimen into the water that becomes the elixir.

According to the traditional way there is not very much such nice days left in a year that helps to make very good elixirs.  The beauty with the Xieromô device is that it is possible at any time of the year and in the comfort of your home to make the very best elixirs in 15 minutes.  That easy access for making elixirs opens the door for many to Nature limitless hidden treasures. Also, the greatest advantage to do elixirs with Xieromô device is that all traces of planetary karmic pollution attached to a mineral or a vegetal is totally erased.

To make elixirs you proceed as it as been explained in section E at page E-1 and E-2 for the vibratory transfert and amplification.

However if one wants to make elixirs of supreme quality and potentiality he has to take in consideration the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly cycles of Nature.  This subject has more concern with Astrology and it is not in our purpose to give such a course here.  Suffice to say that to make elixirs you proceed as it has been said in section  E  about the stone and the results will astonish you.

Pyramid and Xierom      Top

We have designed a pyramid suited for the Xieromô device.  This pyramid is made of oak and has three major functions:
To be used as a simple casing.
Extend the pyramidal energy from a small pyramid to a very large distance by programming the Xieromô device consequently.
Make more potent and stable elixirs.

The Xieromô energy amplifies the pyramid energy by opening the waveforms.  There is thus a greater flow of tachions to the inside of the pyramid.
Figure F-2    Top
Figure F-1    Top

In this configuration, the Xieromô device opens the wave-forms, emits in its own nature, passes through the pyramid, and further amplifies the pyramid's own energy and also the energy of an eventual specimen.
In this configuration, for the preparation of elixirs, the water's memory is programmed in great depth. The stability of the elixirs, thus prepared, easily exceed decades and, in certain cases, centuries. This value has been obtained by pendulum.

Moonstone      Top   |  Next elixir

The moonstone acts on the abdomen, spleen, pancreas, pituitary and intestinal tract.  Abdominal ulcers are weakened, abdominal walls are realigned, and digestion of food improves.  Any diseases that may cause ulcers can be treated with moonstone. The vertebrae are realigned, especially when the elixir or stone is used in conjunction with the breathing exercises and the balancing of the arms *.  The Moonstone can be placed on the vertebrae. The moonstone is also of considerable aid during the entire birthing process. The moonstone and its elixir should be considered for use with all female problems, from pelvic disorders to elimination of toxins.  On the cellular level, there is tissue regeneration of the skin's surface, and pituitary gland secretion is enhanced.

This is a powerful elixir for working with the emotions, particularly those engendered by anxiety and stress, and those associated with the mother.  Tension in the abdominal area is released, and all emotions are integrated which has the effect of rendering an individual truly sensitive. The individual then learns to listen and negotiate that which other persons may truly have to offer.  Psychokinetic and clairvoyance also develop.

The brow and crown chakras are activated. The astral and emotional bodies are aligned; the meridians and nadis are strengthened.  The moonstone can be worn over the solar plexus, medulla oblongata, or on the ring finger.  Vaporization of the elixir is particularly effective if vaporized at the abdomen, back of the neck and ring finger.  If placed inside a conical structure for two hours, especially during a full or new moon, the properties of the moonstone are greatly amplified. (Gem Elixirs and Vibrational healing Vol. 1 by Gurudas page 132)

* The balancing of the arms is a simple exercise.  It is practiced as follow:

You sit on a bench or a chair enough narrow that wont be an obstacle to the free balancing of the arms.
Your back is straight and don't rest.
Your thighs are parallel.  Your legs make a square with your thighs and your feet are laying flat on the ground.
Your arms are pendent, yours hands are open, your thumbs and fingers are jointed, and your palms are facing back.
You raise your right arm upright and you stay in this position just the time to be conscious that by your arms you will in-draw the cosmic energy and that by your feet you will in-draw the telluric energy.  Then you swing your arms back and forth as far as you can, beginning slowly and increasing more vigorously after.  You make that exercise only three minutes at least once a day, and if you want to repeat it the gap time should be not less than 6 hours.

Done on a regular basis this exercise will bring a perfect equilibrium in the tonicity to all muscles attached to the backbone and this will have the effect to put back each vertebra in its proper place.  It is also a very good cardio-vascular exercise.

Lapis Lazuli     Previous elixir   | Top  |  Next elixir

This elixir is effective in treating inflammations such as tonsillitis.  Its action extends to the esophagus, larynx, upper bronchial passages, and minor inflammations in the atlas.  Anxiety and tension are released since the thyroid is stimulated.  The lymphatic system, pituitary and thymus are invigorated, as this elixir activates sections of the vertebrae connected to the parasympathetic ganglia.  Diseases involving the spleen, lungs, lymph, throat, and thymus, Hodgkin's disease, and cancer of the larynx, can be treated with this elixir.     

This gem is a very potent cleanser or purifier.  It attracts the ethereal fluid into the physical body in order to create a network between the cells, preparing them for the extraction of toxins, like petrochemicals, stored in the body.

This gem energizes the throat chakra, and thus the ideal place to wear it is at the throat.  This elixir also aligns the etheric, mental, and spiritual bodies. These factors increase personal expression, especially on spiritual and psychospiritual levels. Those persons who have a tendency to be closed (autistic) are better able to deal with reality. Lapis lazuli is for shy, introverted and retiring individuals. People are better able to tap into their higher selves and express buried emotions.  As a thought amplifier, lapis lazuli is good for meditation, personal articulation and broadcasting of thoughts.

It increases assimilation of calcium, lecithin, phosphorus, vitamins B, C, and E, and oxygenation of hemoglobin.  The petrochemical, syphilitic, tubercular and heavy metal miasmas are dissolved.  (Gem Elixirs and Vibrational healing Vol. 1 by Gurudas page 122)

 Ruby    Previous elixir   | Top  |  Next elixir

The ruby is in its essence connected directly to the heart chakra.  From this point of view it is, without doubt, the master stone.  It stabilizes the heart chakra, the physical heart and its cells, especially stimulating tissue regeneration and mitosis in this area.  Heart and circulatory diseases can be treated with the ruby.  The heart meridian, heart chakra nadis, and thymus gland are improved.  The ruby strengthens the neurological tissues associated with the heart, and portions of the spine connected to the heart are adjusted.  Wear this gem by the heart, thymus, medulla oblongata, coccyx, heart chakra, or meridian points associated with the heart.  The heart chakra is a central equilibrium point in the physical body radiating energy as a central sun and it thus affects all the nadis which also in their turn radiate energy. By analogy, it is wise to put a physical ruby specimen under a pyramid when one wants to enhance the qualities of any stone or stone elixir. Because of the connection that the ruby has with the heart, the other properties of stones or elixirs are activated to a superior level as they are illuminated and nourished by a central sun. In the same way that the ruby balances the heart, it creates a balance at the level of all spiritual efforts.  For example, the kundalini may be activated in a balanced fashion.  The spiritual qualities enhanced are those of Divine Love and self-love. In addition, as an amplifier of thought, the ruby creates divinely inspired leadership positions.

Psychologically, the ruby facilitates relations with the biological father or the representation of him. The syphilitic and tubercular miasmas are alleviated, and the mental and spiritual bodies are aligned, which has the effect of creating spiritual inspiration and Divine love.  Calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, silica and vitamin E are better assimilated.

The ruby elixir is amplified by the sun's light.  The music note SOL amplifies the ruby because these vibrations harmonize with the ruby.  Due to the impact that the ruby has on the body and the heart great importance is given to this elixir. (Gem Elixirs and Vibrational healing Vol. 1  by Gurudas page 151)

Hematite     Previous elixir   | Top   |  Next elixir

This elixir augments the red corpuscles on the cellular level.  Its concentrated action applies to all blood disorders, including those involving the white corpuscles.  Because of Hematite's high percentage of iron, its action is very powerful at the blood level.  This elixir eliminates the gonorrhea miasmas and also the low vitality associated to blood disorder.  There is increased assimilation of iron, of proteins and the vitamins E and K. Emotionally, low self-esteem is an indication for using this elixir.  The capacity for astral projection is augmented with this elixir. Its properties are amplified by exposure to a pyramid and an emerald for 30 minutes.

The meridian energy flows are augmented, the spleen chakra is activated, the etheric body is strengthened and male qualities are slightly enhanced. It is preferable to wear the stone at the base of the spine and by the buttocks.  This elixir has important properties relevant to the tissue regeneration. (Gem Elixirs and Vibrational healing Vol. 1 by Gurudas page 113)

Emerald     Previous elixir   | Top   |  Next elixir

This elixir strengthens the heart, kidneys, liver, and pancreas.  Parts of the vertebrae associated with the heart, kidneys and pancreas are improved.  The heart is strengthened to deal with the extra toxins that flow into the system during a cleansing, particularly from a discharge of toxicity in the muscles.  This may engender a quickening of the pulse.  The kidneys remove toxicity from the system and process hidden fears.

Healing within the skin is stimulated, and there is some impact on the lymphatic system.  Most heart and kidney diseases, as well as the syphilitic and petrochemical miasmas, are eased.  Use emerald for all forms of radiation toxicity.

Androgynous in its properties, the emerald balances the heart chakra, which is also the reaction point.  The etheric, astral and emotional bodies are aligned.  This stabilizes the personality, and keener insights into dreams develop.  It also stabilizes the astral body and generally increases psychic and clairvoyant faculties.  The emerald balances the heart, especially in relation to the father.  General paranoia, schizophrenia and any severe mental illness can be treated with the emerald.  As a thought amplifier, the emerald improves meditation, especially alleviating hidden fears.  Emerald allows the individual to be balanced when proceeding into any spiritual sojourn.  The heart and kidney meridians are strengthened.  These meridian points are also stimulated if the emerald elixir is applied externally on the corresponding body parts. The emerald has a decisive action on the formation of hemoglobin and plasma.

Seven drops of this elixir can be added to a bath.  The stone should be worn by the heart, thymus, or close to the nasal passages.  You can amplify the emerald elixir by placing it inside a pyramid when the planet Venus is at midheaven because Venus balances the heart.  (Gem Elixirs and Vibrational healing Vol. 1 by Gurudas page 102)

Fluorite     Previous elixir   | Top   |  Next elixir

Fluorite strengthens bone tissue, especially tooth enamel, and stimulates the mucous membrane and interior lung tissues.  It also relieves diseases connected to bone and dental tissue, pneumonia, viral inflammation and the tubercular miasmas.  In a mouthwash, this elixir helps prevent tooth decay.

Certain psychological states, including anxiety, sexual frustration, and hyperactive behavior, suggest the use of this elixir. These strengthen the ability to perceive higher levels of reality.  The etheric body assimilates more life force into the physical body.

Assimilation of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, and vitamin K improves.  Used in a bath, (7 drops) alleviation of arthritic conditions may occur.  It is preferable to wear this stone close to the tooth enamels, by ear lobes, or by the sternum.  Exposure of the elixir to blue or indigo light for thirty minutes amplifies its properties. (Gem Elixirs and Vibrational healing Vol. 1 by Gurudas page 104)

Quartz     Previous elixir   | Top   |  Next elixir

This elixir affects the stomach, pituitary gland, and entire intestinal tract.  It amplifies the crystalline properties in the body that are located in the cell salts, circulatory system, fatty tissue, lymph, nervous system, and pineal gland. On the cellular level, the glandular secretion from the pituitary gland and the production of white corpuscles are stimulated.  One uses clear quartz in the following cases:  intestinal problems, stomach ulcers, leukemia, bubonic plague, and the petrochemical miasmas.  This elixir offers also protection against "background" radiation.  Clear quartz elixir diminishes all emotional extremes, particularly hysteria.  It improves assimilation of the amino acids in protein that aid the stomach lining.  The brow, crown, and solar plexus chakras are augmented.  The creativity of the second chakra is balanced with the sensitivity of the emotional chakra to give feeling to the creative expression.

The emotional body is aligned with the etheric body.  This improves, but is not the cause, of cellular regeneration.  It is a powerful amplifier of thought forms.  To use this elixir in the bath, put seven drops in a glass of distilled water and pour the glass into the bath.  This stone may be worn anywhere on the body.  The qualities of the stone are perfectly balanced between the Yin and the Yang:  it is androgynous and is very much between the storage and broadcast of information.  To amplify this elixir, place it beneath a conical form for twenty-five minutes.  The solar plexus is the reflex point. Not to be used if you are a trance medium. (Gem Elixirs and Vibrational healing Vol. 1 by Gurudas page 148)

Sodalite     Previous elixir   | Top   |  Next elixir

Sodalite strengthens the lymphatic system on the physical and cellular levels of the body.  Lymphatic cancer is eased, as is lymphatic swelling from exposure to radiation.  This elixir should be taken when there is risk that lymphatic cancer might develop from exposure to radiation.  Any area in the body where there is a high concentration of lymph can be used as a reaction point.

Emotional balance is attained but only for the purpose of spiritual growth, not for general psychological growth.  This elixir may be used externally with almond and coconut oils.  Yin and yang qualities are balanced, and the meridians are strengthened.  (Gem Elixirs and Vibrational healing Vol. 1 by Gurudas page 159)

Jade    Previous elixir   | Top   |  Next elixir

This elixir affects the heart, kidneys, larynx, liver, parathyroid, spleen, thymus, thyroid and parasympathetic ganglia.  The atlas is strengthened because it is a central resonance point with the parasympathetic ganglia.  On the cellular level, there is a cleansing of the blood and an elimination of toxemia through the kidneys.  Immune system disorders, kidney diseases, and the petrochemical miasmas are eased with jade, and assimilation of iodine improves.

The Jade elixir generates Divine love, which is unconditional love. Articulation of psychic abilities increases. The astral, emotional, and etheric bodies are aligned to function as a single unit. This has the effect of aligning the entire personality to the biological personality level.  The biological personality has a distinct structure from the usual personality and this is considered sometimes as instinct. Instinct is different from intuition which comes from the higher self and, thanks to an awakening, produces a higher consciousness. The biological personality is very ancient, and it is by this vehicle that one attunes to the earth.  The relation between the earth and physical body has existed a very long time.  When an individual has disconnected from earth his biological personality is of great help to bring it back.

The etheric body penetrates directly into the physical, emotional, and astral bodies.  The astral body is most directly connected to the personality.  This androgynous stone must be worn by the base of the spine or on the hara.  Apply this elixir externally with peanut oil.  Seven drops, along with Epsom salt or baking soda can be added to a bath. A simple exposure to a pyramid with quartz for three hours amplifies the properties of jade.  One obtains the same effect in two hours by exposing the elixir to a pyramid with copper, gold or silver.  The reflex point is the throat chakra.  (Gem Elixirs and Vibrational healing Vol. 1 by Gurudas page 117)

Peridot     Previous elixir   | Top   |  Next elixir

Peridot simulates tissue regeneration in the entire physical body.  It also completely aligns all the subtle bodies.  With such a dual effect, all toxicity is gradually removed from the physical body.  Information from the higher self is more easily received, and all vibrational remedies work more effectively.  There is increased clarity, patience and a more positive emotional outlook on life.  If used faithfully over a three-year period, three drops in eight ounces of water per day, peridot could eliminate completely from the physical body all the miasmas and their complexes.

This combined effect also brings the individual completely in touch with himself for healing.  Peridot should be used for healing meditations and creative visualization techniques.

Psychic gifts, such as clairvoyance, increase.  Peridot activates the heart chakra to create a state of balance, and the astral body is augmented.  In addition, the heart, pancreas, and spleen are strengthened.  Depression states cease and the consciousness of an individual is adjusted to release any tension that might interfere with the subconscious mind.  It is preferable to wear peridot about the throat chakra.  (Gem Elixirs and Vibrational healing Vol. 1 by Gurudas page 139)

Copper     Previous elixir   | Top   |  Next elixir

Copper may be used in a wide range of inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, inflammations in the cerebral cortex, activities of the inner ear, and intestinal disorders.  Various dysfunctions associated with the diaphragm, such as poor breathing, can be treated with copper because it strengthens the neurological functions.  Greater flexibility results within the bone tissue, including the cartilages, ligaments, tendons, and sinus tissue.  One must use copper in left-brain disorders such as autism, dyslexia, epilepsy, neurological discharge, physical coordination problems, and visual problems. The pineal and pituitary glands are strengthened.  Copper also eases pernicious anemia.  Wearing a copper bracelet acts as an antidote against the effects of microwaves and favors at the same time the assimilation of copper into the organism.
Copper aligns the bottom five main chakras and opens the heart.  This creates total awareness of the self and generates a capacity for tremendous psychospiritual self-confidence.  Individuals gradually achieve balance within all levels of their form and all levels of their being.  Copper is one of the baser metallic elements of high conductive properties; thus the body's electrical properties are activated, and all the subtle bodies are aligned.  Copper has the peculiar property of increasing or decreasing astrological influences by increasing the electromagnetic capacities of the physical and subtle bodies. This makes copper an excellent elixir to treat cosmic radiation.

Copper can also be used to achieve total amplification of thought.  Copper can be applied externally, especially when this is needed even if the individual has too much copper in the cellular level of the body.

Exposure to the sun amplifies the copper and the masculine qualities are slightly accentuated.  Copper placed by the third eye may eventually stimulates mild electromagnetic fields which can augment a greater bond between the pineal and pituitary glands.  The unified action of these glands helps create the activities of the third eye.

In the coming years, this elixir may achieve great importance because it can be used to treat cosmic and microwave radiation. New technological inventions are going to cause a notable increase of skin cancers and many will turn towards the curative properties of copper.   (Gem Elixirs and Vibrational healing Vol. 1  by Gurudas page 94)

Sweet Pearl Water     Previous elixir   | Top   |  Next elixir

Sweet pearl water elixir augments intuition, the comprehension capacity of messages and coincidences, and joyfulness.  It roots. It is a most important stone that allows us to escape or to leave the astral forms that assail us.  For example: you are a witness of a car accident raising up a certain panic; you do not let yourself be dominated by the emotions of others and you are able to carry out energetic assistance.  You do not embark in the emotions aroused by the event.

Put 10 drops into the bath, or into a footbath.  This elixir is most efficient by way of the skin rather than by mouth.  (  Master Hilarion  )

Emerald for the garden     Previous elixir   | Top |  Next elixir

This elixir will increase the growth of the plants and repel insects.  (  Master Hilarion  )
One raw emerald one inch in diameter, 40 ounces of rock water.
One large Xieromô device, duration 72 minutes
Programming: " With the ultimate goal of serving life, I request that the Beings of Nature, the Soul of Vegetables manifest themselves.  Amen Ē
One full teaspoon per one gallon of water to spray in the garden after sunset.

Anise     Previous elixir   | Top   |  Next elixir

Brushing your teeth and cleansing your mouth with this elixir avoids cavity and mouth diseases, gives a fresh breath and white teeth in 40 days.   (  Master Hilarion  )

Horsetail     Previous elixir   | Top   | Next elixir

To rinse the hair with this elixir make the hair grow faster.   (  Master Hilarion  )

Depurative     Previous elixir   |  Top   | Next elixir

Make separately the four following elixirs on a large Gold Powder Xieromô for 12 hours.  To be made before August 21 of each year.
4 ounces of water with one cranberry fruit.
4 ounces of water with the equivalent of a dime of Golden Seal powder
4 ounces of water with the equivalent of a dime of Black Radish
4 ounces of water with the equivalent of a dime of biological vegetal charcoal powder
Mix the four elixirs in a16 ounces brown glass bottle.
Start taking that depurative elixir on September 21.
Take a sip in the morning, at noon and at night.   (  Master Hilarion  )

Opaline     Previous elixir   | Top   |  Next elixir

Opaline is a variety of opal, its color is pink. This elixir removes all miasmas that block clairvoyance.  10 drops in a bath for 20 minutes for 21 days.  Start at the new moon.   (  Master Hilarion  )

Gold     Previous elixir   |  Top   |   Next elixir

Minerals of the body are enhanced
Muscular potential is enhanced
Gives force and tonicity to the nervous system
Cleans the blood and increases the tonicity of the immune system, repairs and increases the tonicity of arteries and veins.
Increases the tonicity and repairs the glandular system.
Increases the tonicity and repairs the pilous system.
At the level of the brain it accelerates the process of creation of substances that promotes and increases the understanding, the observation and study.
On the level of subtle bodies it repairs the flaws in the aura and helps to eliminate miasmas and thought-forms.
It stimulates the crown chakra and creates a shield of protection in the aura.
In the goal of spiritual progress it repairs the body, the soul and the spirit by stimulation of those three major levels.
Will ease respiratory problems and nervous depression or breakdown.
It is a very extremely powerful antiseptic and cicatrizing agent.  Only one drop each four hours on a wound.

When taking Gold Elixir never take any other kind of products may they be vitamins, foods supplements, homeopathic remedies, etc.  Never take mint, alcohol, stimulus like drugs, coffee, tobacco, etc.
A cure lasts seven days.  It can be repeated two more times only but with a time gap of 21 days.
A series of three consecutive cures can be taken two times a year, the first one at the equinox of spring and the second at the equinox of fall.
Take 5 drops underneath the tongue 4 times a day be it so one hour before each meal and at bedtime.  Let the drops underneath the tongue at least one minute before to swallow.  You must be feast one hour before and one hour after.  At bedtime you take 5 drops underneath the tongue and you put also 5 drops in the navel and you mass till total penetration.  Stay laid down do not stand up.

Make the Gold Elixir with a large Standard Xieromô at the full moon of March.   The Xieromô has to be purified and there is no special programming.
You will need an 8 ounces blue glass container, rock water.
Starting at the full moon and in a window facing East, you put a gold nugget on the Xieromô for 72 hours.  Whence done seal the womb (bottle) with wax.  Surround the womb with a black tissue and let it settle for one year (this will make the mother elixir).
To use it, you put only one drop of the mother elixir in 4 ounces of rock water in a blue bottle.  And it is from that 4 ounces bottle (the daughter elixir) that you will take your drops.  (So, if you make a small calculation considering that one ounce gives 300 drops, you will get 2400 four ounces bottles of daughter elixir and 2880000 drops of Gold Elixir that is good for 2742 cures or years or persons...)

This elixir is not for sale (except, if necessary, strictly for the cost of the bottle and the postal fees if mailed) it has to be given.   (  Master Hilarion  )

Moldavite    Previous elixir   |   Top

Moldavite is a meteorite.  It is found in Czeckoslavia near the river Moldor or Mauldau.  It has the consistence of quartz and has a beautiful green color similar to the Emerald gem.  Its vibrational rate is very high: holding it in your hand, you sense immediately a pulse, a tingling or heat.  It is available in most new-age rock shops.

To make a mother elixir of Moldavite you need a large Standard Xieromô and a set up with a pyramid as illustrated in figure F -2.   You proceed the usual way for the purification and the programming of the Xieromô.  The duration is from the sunrise at the new moon to the sunset at the full moon. (Be it so 14 days)  That mother elixir thus created possesses a stability over one hundred years.  The daughter elixir, the one we use, is made by pouring 5 drops in a two ounces bottle.  The bottles are blue.  The aura of that elixir is a halo of silver light seeded with gold pastilles and followed by a second halo of gold light.

Five drops in your bath centre yourself with your Supreme Being and bring immediately a surplus of energy.
Few drops on your right first finger and making a cross on your third eye increase courage, increase your vibratory force, increase clairvoyance and wisdom.
Five drops in a glass of water medium-hot each night increase the process of forgiving, raise your vibratory rate, and open your inner understanding of Life.
Two drops in a fresh and pure orange juice each morning clean the inside of the physical body, remove acidity, impeach bacteria and viruses, help for lymphatic drainage, help for an activation of meridians of energy.  It is a bit as if each time you would take few drops of Christ blood.  It is a bit as if each time you would take milk, milk that comes from the Pure Divine Energy.

It is very important to work with respect with the Moldavite.  It is the stone that has on Earth the highest Christic vibratory rate.  

After each use, giving thanks to the Universe for the abundance that it gives you is essential.  Not giving thanks to a stone or any energy it is in a way to betray it, to maltreat it.  Learning to give thanks is in a way the most beautiful and noble action that a human being can do.

The Moldavite is in a way similar to the sap of tree, similar to the blood of a human being, similar to the prâna in the air.  The Moldavite is in reality a vital, powerful and noble circuit of energy brought forth by Christic Love inside the Earth and the Human Being.  As for every good thing, the Moldavite must be used with a huge respect and wisdom.  

This elixir is not for sale (except, if necessary, strictly for the cost of the bottle and the postal fees if mailed) it has to be given.   (  Master Hilarion  )

The first 11 elixirs come from the book:   GEM ELIXIRS AND VIBRATIONAL HEALING, VOL 1 By Gurudas, Cassandra Press San Rafael, Ca.  94915

And the following 6 elixirs come from  Master Hilarion.


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