You can reach us by phone at 1-819-548-5730

Or writing to us either at:

Xierom (Att. Pierre Corbeil)
130 rue Dallaire
St-Ludger, Canada
G0M 1W0

or at

transcription manuelle SVPImportant Note:
We apologize for having made our email address not accessible directly in your email program and obliging you to manually transcript it for the following reason:

Evil persons including  spammers and those who write virus use special programs called "spider" that surf continuously the Net days and nights to extract from all websites email addresses to send what they conceive in the darkness.

Our address is a picture not readable by those programs that only look for text which include the symbol "commercial a".  If you own a web site we suggest you to protect your email address in such a way.

For those of you who refer us on their own web site please never put our email address but only the URL link ,  that will bring surfers directly here.

Thank you very much for your understanding and collaboration.

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