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Energie de Maître Hilarion / Energy of Master Hilarion
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Who is  Master Hilarion  ?

We know very little about  Master Hilarion.  When I asked the question in a lecture, all I knew was that  Master Hilarion  has been the apostle St-Paul in a previous incarnation.  I expected a special curriculum vitae and most probably huge.  Contrary to my expectations I received a condensed course on the Creation that I transmit to you integrally.

God before the creation of the Universe has projected from Himself a Column of Light.  That First Column of Light united with the Father and a second Column of Light emanated from the Source.  The First and the Second Column of Light united with the Father and a third Column of Light emanated from the Source.  The process kept on until the Twelfth Column emanated from the Source.   Those twelve Columns* have then proceeded together to the creation of the Universe.

When the Universe has been created those twelve Columns have received the permission from God to experiment the Creation in all its reigns.  As they were too powerful to totally “incarnate” in an atom, in a molecule, in an angel, in an insect, in a plant, in a stone, in a human being, ...etc, They have detached from Themselves a spark of consciousness for the experimentation of each reign.  In the human reign the Fourth Column is  Master Hilarion who in a series of incarnations has been at a certain time the apostle St-Paul.  Master Hilarion  has made his ascension in the Light in the next life after St-Paul.  For reasons of humility this life has been and will be kept secret.  Master Hilarion possesses in Himself the consciousness of his Source.  For comparison the First Column of Light has made the human experiment in Jesus, and the Twelfth Column of Light did the same in Maitreya.

Master Hilarion  is a Cosmic Master.  One of his principal duties is to infuse Love in the very stuff of matter.  In the human beings He is in charge of the evolution of the hearth chakra.  He is also in charge of everything that is scientific and everything that is connected to Life.

It is in very few words the portrait of that great Master.  

And, as all great Masters, He is humbly one of your friends on your path.

* One can associate those twelve Columns to the twelve Faces of God and also to the twelve primary Energies that are at the base of the Principles of the Zodiac.

Master Hilarion has chosen Mrs Brigitte Lamarre, medium to transmit with the help of her spiritual guides,  Aï-dha and Tamara,  all the technical, scientific, and spiritual data that have been used for the realisation of all the Xierom™ devices and of the Xiermat™ pendant.

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